circular knitting  machine

Máy một dàn xẻ khổ – SC single side four track dissection knitting machine


Technical Data
Diameter Gauges No. of Feeders
30’’- 44’’ 18G- 40G 3F/in- 4F/in
Single side four-track knitting machine of dissection type is an important machine which is used to produce varies kinds of single knitting cloth. Its products are mainly T-shirts, men and women’s underwear, sportswear, decorative cloth etc. Because of its four-track triangular design, it is more flexible and can be used to produce jersey, leno fabric, woolen, single jersey with polyester face and cotton back, spandex, swimming fabric and all kinds of single knitting fabrics with four sections. The machine is suitable for products with cotton yarn, blending yarn, chemical fiber bright yarn etc.
The spinning part of this machine has the following major design features:
Ripped open type knitting machine is designed with four-tracks and four kinds of knitting needles. One kind of sinker is used in the whole runway of sinkers. The high feed yarn mouth is reliable and harmless to the knitting needles.
To adopt the structure of all kinds of knitting fabric, the machine is also equipped with the device for producing spandex textile high elastic fabrics. Compared with similar kind of machine, it is more flexible. The unique high speed and high efficiency are the most important factors to the success of this knitting machine. Experiences prove that the biggest feature of this machine is that is that it can weave cloth of high compactness, excellent pliability and uniform elasticity on four sides. The textiles don’t have any flecks after dyeing. This knitting machine is often used as a diverter to knit TTC+OP but without any reversed yarn. These textiles are widely applied to: swimwear, straitjacket, sportswear, underwear, fashionable dress etc. This knitting machine is equipped with batcher of ripped open type which can be free of centerline.
Technical characteristics:
Knitting machines are unified by the production of stable frame;
The gear rack drive is immersed in oil bath so that the operation noise is small;
Knitting lubrication regulation by fixed quantity automatic spraying lubrication oiler and blower;
Advanced computerized control of inverter of Japan;
Double layer positive storage yarn feeder;
Automatic stop motion or knitting needle detection and fabric floating detection;
Dust fan to clean the top and twisting part of the machine so that the yarn feeder can be kept clean;
With automatic stop counter adoptable to different length of fabric roll.