circular knitting  machine

Máy một dàn dệt bông vi tính – SC single mesh jacquard knitting machine


Technical Data
Diameter Gauges Inlet Thread
30’’-42’’ 18G- 28G 40F- 72F
This series is a latest work of mechanical manufacturing technology and the experience of knitting process through years of gaining.
The main frame is made from cast iron with excellent anti-vibration capability and provided with reasonable design of reinforcing rib structure that can reduce the possibility of deformation and increase the rigidity.
Special structure design is applied to the locations between main gears and main plates, and between main gears and main tops, largely reducing the noises caused by the operation of the gears, which thus can not only improve the operating environment of the gears but also enhance the precise of the whole machine.
Needle selection system adopts the needles selection units manufactured by WAC of Japan, of which 2 or 3 bits selection technology can weave all kinds of fabric.
The machine uses computer-aided selection unit to select needles on the cylinder, and can weave fabric without the limitation in patterns. The selection unit can make three kinds of needles for the knitting, including Knit, Tuck, Miss. Any kind of complicated pattern can be transferred into specific control instructions by computer-aided pattern system accurately and systematically. These computer-aided selection units on the instructed controlling knitting machine can weave large single sided fabric, the bottom of which is weaved by two rows of needles.
The precise encoder can accurately calculate both the location of the knitting needle and correct zero. Besides, it can also automatically correct the errors caused by inertia when the machine is switched on and off. For the accuracy of the needle, a detector is added to the encoder to improve the effect of the zero correction. The control system can check the encoder by judging whether the signal of the encoder is appropriate, so as to ensure the stability of the entire system.