circular knitting  machine

Máy một dàn – SC Single jersey Frame Series


Technical Data
Diameter Gauges No. of feeders
16’’- 44’’ 3.5G – 40G 1.1F/in – 3.6F/in

This model is better designed in heat dissipation and it is easy to operate with good effort for the surface of the cloth. The model equipped with the imported high-power electromotor and converter as well as the latest-model Electronic control panel which can monitor the working condition of the machine and record the dates so that the operator will be given the information when the production line is at its best condition as well as to ensure the machine is in normal function.

The machine adopts four tracks on cylinder which is used for manufacturing all kinds of single jersey fabric. The distance is very small and the adjustment is easy and precise. It can produce different yards of fabric such as cotton fabric, blending fabric, TTC double-layer fabric, man-made burlap fabric etc.
The machine equipped with four tracks on cylinder which make it more motorized. Through needle selection and triangular array. It can produce single jersey eyelet fabric, single jersey cotton-plaited polyester, spandex fabric, swimsuit fabric etc.
The machine adopts four tracks on cylinder which use the MaoRong yarn, binding yarn and bottom yarn as one group to form fish scale lines, twill and French double sided frame fabric. It can be the brushed clothes after the surface of the fabric brushed. Because of the higher number of the feeders and productivity, the old type of the machine can be replaced by the new one. And the length of MaoRong yarn can be adjusted by settlement tablets and triangular array.