circular knitting  machine

Máy một dàn dệt sọc-bông vi tính 4/6 màu – SC Single computerized Jacquard 4/6 colors Machine


Technical Data
Diameter Gauges Inlet Thread Available Material
20’’- 42’’ 18G- 28G 72F- 80F Pure cotton, Chemical fiber and mixed fiber

The machine selects needles in the cylinders by computer needle selecting machine which can sew varieties of patterns beyond limitation, into the jacquard. The selection unit can select needle for three ways of knitting, including knit, tuck and miss. Any kind of complicated pattern can be transferred into specific control instructions by cyber-aided pattern on large single fabric. Bottom of fabric is put on the two runway-row needles device to get on knitting.

Precise encoder can calculate the position and 0-calibration-position of needle accurately, as well as automatically calibrate any error for the inertia caused by turning on or off the device. In addition, a detector is added to assist zero calibration for accuracy of selection, thus the control system can check the encoder and the propriety of signal ensuring the total stability of the system.