circular knitting  machine

Máy hai dàn – SC Double-jersey Universal frame series



Technical Data
Diameter Gauges No. of feeders
16’’- 44’’ 3.5G- 40G 1.1F/in- 3.6F/in

High speed double universal knitting machine is the main products of our company with its superior performance and high volume of production and its high-precise structure ensure the quality of the fabrics and has been highly praised by the customers for years.

This model can produce fabric with changing patterns, the heart of the machine is partially engraved with unibody molding technology, and thus the precise of the cam is fully guaranteed.
The cylinders are made of Japanese special alloy with the quality of high temperature resistance and abrasion resistant.
We use steel ball bearing system of German to ensure the precise synchronization. This model functions with high speed and stability.
The motor system adopts imported double-frequency panel system with clear instruction and it’s easy to operate. This model can be also converted to produce fabric with various patterns like dobby, seersucker, interlock fabric etc.
Equipped with spandex can further produce different kind of fabric like lycra which use as the material for haute woman and man’s fashionable fabric.